Here is a quick tour of Exceed Martial Arts

Here is a quick tour of Exceed Martial Arts

At Exceed Martial Arts, our commitment to the essence of traditional Taekwondo is unwavering. We refuse to dilute its profound teachings with shallow commercial tactics or gimmicks. Our approach is rooted in authenticity and integrity, driven by a heartfelt dedication to our craft. Every lesson, every technique is imparted with genuine care and passion, stemming from a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of martial arts. We measure our success not by superficial metrics, but by the tangible growth and accomplishments of our members. Our creed of "quality over quantity" serves as a guiding principle, ensuring that each student receives the personalized attention and instruction they deserve on their journey to mastery. .

we invite you to join us in our pursuit of excellence, where the true spirit of Taekwondo thrives, unencumbered by commercialism or compromise.

Meet Our Instructors

Master Jackson

Tang Soo Do (Black Belt),
Moo Duk Kwan Taekwondo (Black Belt), Kukkiwon Taekwondo (Black Belt), and Chin Nah a Chinese joint manipulation Art.

Master Jackson, with over four decades of martial arts experience spanning various disciplines, including Tang Soo Do, Moo Duk Kwan Taekwondo, Kukkiwon Taekwondo, Chin Na, and Boxing, extends his passion and expertise to his students, fostering a positive and personalized learning environment where fun and growth thrive, just as he has guided his own children to success both on and off the mat.

Instructor Katie Jackson

Kukkiwon certified Black Belt

Instructor Katie Jackson, a certified 3 Dan Kukkiwon Black Belt with over 20 years of Taekwondo experience, balances her dedication to martial arts with her pursuit of a Biochemistry degree at California State Polytechnic University.

Instructor "AJ"

Kukkiwon certified Black Belt

Instructor "AJ" Jackson, a 4th Dan Kukkiwon certified Black Belt and accomplished competitor, brings over 20 years of Taekwondo experience, instilling discipline and dedication inspired by his own success on multiple State and National teams, while pursuing further education in Kinesiology and Physical Fitness at De Anza College.

Assistant Instructor Bianca 

Kukkiwon Poom

Assistant Instructor Bianca Jackson, honing her skills for 12 years under her father's guidance in Taekwondo, diligently pursues her path as a competitor and follows in the footsteps of her siblings, while also excelling academically in the 6th grade.

Mrs. Sophea Jackson

Program Manager

Mrs. Sophea Jackson, an indispensable presence at Exceed Martial Arts, offers invaluable support and guidance to students and parents alike, drawing from her deep understanding of her children's martial arts journey and her readiness to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Campus Gallery

Why the San Jose Community Loves

Our Martial Arts Classes

StaySharp Barber Co. recommends Exceed Martial Arts

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Mr. Jackson is one of the best coaches I have ever met. Strict, yet knows when to have fun. She also knows how to build champions! For example look at his kids. Both on the national team.

h recommends Exceed Martial Arts

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Master Jackson is a great coach. He knows about both the technique and traditions behind taekwondo forms, movements, and skills. His knowledge of traditional taekwondo techniques and values in addition to insightful knowledge on other martial arts results in a comprehensive learning experience for those interested in martial arts generally, in competing, or simply in indulging in a fantastic sport. I still practice martial arts on a regular basis, consistently recalling advice and instruction from Master Jackson. More importantly, I learned many core values at taekwondo that I carry with me through my personal and professional life.

Iegnos New recommends Exceed Martial Arts

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We loved Exceed for our son!! You could appreciate the respect and traditions of taekwondo. Master Jackson taught so many valuable lessons and skills. Very family orientated, professional and welcoming.

Julie Read recommends Exceed Martial Arts

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Mr. Jackson will make you work hard and you will see results. He is extremely dedicated and an amazing coach.

Nikita Voloshin recommends Exceed Martial Arts

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Incredibly great taekwondo school. lots of care and education. Good for increasing kids' self-esteem, endurance and strength.

Cameron Azhar recommends Exceed Martial Arts

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I've known Mr. Jackson for most of my life, he helped teach me about Martial Arts as well as instilled within me many great qualities like good work ethic and discipline. He leads by example and is a great mentor. He may be hard on you but that's only because he wants to see you grow and succeed. When teaching, he breaks it down for you step by step, having you listen to his words and watch as he does. I highly recommend training with him at his school Exceed Martial Arts.

Shivan Shukla recommends Exceed Martial Arts

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Master Jackson is a world class Taekwondo practitioner. He has served nationally and internationally as a coach, mentor, judge, and competitor. Whenever I trained with him, he always took the extra 5 minutes to help me understand some way to improve, usually after landing one of his controlled but deadly headshots. He is somehow positive and direct at the same time and I have seen blossom into a true leader and role model. He trains hard, helps you grow by believing in you, and is loyal to the beautiful sport and tradition of Taekwondo. Highly recommend Exceed and Master Jackson!

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